Lots of your staff members use UserVoice, but that doesn’t mean they share the same role or title. Some employees handle feedback and others specifically tackle support tickets or writing documentation. Having the ability to create specific admin roles that reflect this has been a popular idea in our forum. You let us know that restricting certain users to certain tasks helps assure that account settings aren’t tampered with and prevents accidental replies. Today we’re happy to announce that we’ve created a robust set of Admin Permissions for you to accomplish just that.

Why are custom permissions for Admins important? Let’s say you have five support managers and two community managers. You can now restrict their privileges in the admin console and make it so support managers are the only ones who can respond to tickets while your community managers exclusively reply to feedback. Additionally, you can set some admins to only be able to view ideas/tickets (especially helpful for the product manager who occasionally pokes in).

If you’re an Owner of the Admin Console, you can find these permissions in Settings → Admins → “Edit permissions.” Editing persmissions to change settings are available on all plans, but the “Component” columns are only available on our Ultimate Plan. Once you get there, here’s what it looks like:


We’re sure that this will be a welcome addition for your team and thank you for your feedback! Be sure to let us know what you think and enjoy creating permissions!

– Carter Gibson
Associate Community Manager, UserVoice

Photo courtesy of Garry Knight.