Case Study: uses UserVoice Full Service to measure customer happiness is all about providing a beautiful, effortless product. And Community Manager Laura Gluhanich tries to apply this same strategy to their customer support. With UserVoice, she says, she’s succeeding at this goal and has a clear sense of her progress.

A tool for moving beyond beta

ticket inboxesDuring the beta of’s custom profile pages, the team used email to track customer issues. But as gained significant and well-deserved praise and traffic, it became hard to avoid losing track of customer issues while using email. needed a tool that kept their tickets organized and prioritized.

“We’re doing a lot, especially with the AOL acquisition,” says Laura. “Email was fine for launch, but it quickly became clear that we needed a tool that moves as fast as we do. UserVoice has been that tool.”

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An organized system for customer issues benefits any company, but it’s not just the ticket inbox that the team finds compelling about UserVoice.

Quick and easy customer satisfaction measurement

“We love the kudos feature. One-click feedback is incredibly powerful. UserVoice kudos is such an easy and painless customer satisfaction gauge, and a fantastic way to provide the rest of the company with a snapshot of how you’re doing.”


In addition to its use as a reporting tool, Laura says Kudos are also just simply a confidence booster. “It’s great to end the day with an uptick in kudos.” She already knows that she should be making customers happy, but the ticker is a “motivational reminder”.

Laura is busy figuring out events, marketing, blogging, and more – in addition to doing support. So building or even interpreting huge reports isn’t a priority for yet. That’s why they like the simplicity of UserVoice Kudos.

“You want to delight your users…it’s cliche, but there’s something to be said for taking a little extra effort. Your customers took the time and effort to write in, so you should take the time to write back. Being able to easily measure how happy we’re making them is great.”

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