So you want to go to UserConf, but need to convince your boss to let you go…never fear, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a few things you can share with your boss to convince them that sending you and your team to UserConf is a smart move: 

1. Sending your team to UserConf is an investment into the folks who are responsible for keeping your customers around. You’re all about smart investments, yes? Well a recent “forecast” says that customer retention is the holy grail of business–and a company’s customer support and product teams are the kings and queens of that realm. As our CEO, Richard White put it during a talk at UserConf SF back in November:

“It’s really hard to build a good business these days with really really shitty retention. It’s very very hard to build a good business. You can grow very quickly but you can’t sustain it unless you’re actually providing something people want and keeping them around.”


2. We don’t do the whole “conference” thing. UserConf is not a place for panels and pitches, but a place for comradery, knowledge, and innovation. We bring the best product and support teams together in a way that’s conducive to collaborative learning and problem-solving. Every talk is 20 minutes or less, meaning your team gets to hear lots of different perspectives and experiences.


london-phone-booth3. If you’re traveling: there’s a huge list of benefits of sending your team on an offsite trip or having them travel together. Offsites are more than just morale-boosters, they’re also great ways to encourage your employees to improve their time management and leadership skills. In addition, teams that travel together have an opportunity to bond and build trust while enjoying the boost in creative energy that comes with a change of scenery. UserConf is the perfect team-building trip, and we won’t force your team to do trust falls or other awkward, outdated team-building activities.


4. Your team will come back with new (scalable) solutions that will benefit your entire organization. Your company may be small and scrappy now, but you’re bound to go through a growth spurt at one point or another, will your support team be ready to scale? Will they be able to keep up with your product team and relay customer feedback to them? Our speakers are all about sharing their horror and success stories to empower other teams to be prepared for all the unique challenges they may face as their company grows.


Courtesy of Rachel C.

Courtesy of Rachel C.

5. Stellar speakers, awesome topics, and no fedoras. This one’s a given; we have awesome speakers and topics at every UserConf, and we’re not making any exceptions for London or Portland where we’ll be joined by folks from Moz, Wistia, Tumblr, Intercom, ProdPad, Pivotal Labs, and several other great organizations who will be giving talks on things like Scaling Support (& Keeping Customers Happy) and How Play and Playfulness Can Lead to Better Products.


The bottom line: both your team and your organization as a whole will benefit from attending UserConf. Not only will you come back refreshed and inspired, but you’ll also return to work with new ideas and strategies in tow that will help your team improve communication, solve problems more effectively, build better products, and keep happy customers, which is why joining us in London and/or Portland is time and money well-spent. That being said, I should note here that we only have a limited number of tickets left for UserConf London, and UserConf Portland tickets are selling out pretty quickly, too, so get moving now before it’s too late!