5 reasons to be excited about customer service (even if you miss the holidays)

This is part of our ongoing series on scaling customer service, based on our Customer Service Scaling Timeline. This month we're covering Stage Five.

christmas tree in the gutterYou’re back from the holidays. You got a break (which, after all, is good for productivity). You ate delicious, home-made food. Maybe you got presents.

And now you have to start answering customer service messages again. Hoo boy.

Having a hard time getting back into the groove? Here’s 5 things to inspire you to answer those customer issues:

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You’re gonna make more money

Customer service rep salaries were up by 6.8% in 2010 – despite the recession – and will presumably be up this year as well. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Rackspace financials were up

Rackspace, the company that has literally trademarked Fanatical Support®reported “fourth quarter earnings [in 2010] of $13.5 million…up 26.7 percent from a year ago.” 

Giving great support makes your company more money. Happy people and fatter wallets? That’s good all around.

netflix up and down

Netflix subscribers and customer satisfaction were down

Netflix reported losing “more than 800,000 U.S. subscribers in the third quarter”, and saw extremely satisfied customers drop from 50% to 18%.

Screw up, and customers leave. You're not gonna be that company, are you?

We’re making your job easier

Up to 40% of your tickets could be answered with your Knowledge Base. You can now turn ideas into tickets. And we’ve got handfuls of new features based on your requests in the hopper for Q1. We’re here for you.


Still not inspired? Watch this:

Just look at that dedication! Think of Gus the next time you’re tired. Gus didn’t stop. (Thanks Cute Overload!)

Now get out there an answer some tickets!

Tree photo courtesy of Andrew Malone.
Netflix photo courtesy of Shannonpatrick17

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