Your extracurricular education as a Product Manager shouldn’t stop at books and the occasional class or workshop here and there. One of the best, most continuous sources of learning? From other product people on Twitter.

Here are 11 Twitter users we think Product Managers should check out. These are smart, lively folks who have established experience in Product Management, and are also fantastic with sharing great content — their own and others — that will help keep you on the fast-moving ball. Follow them now!


1. Paul Jackson of Pivotal Labs@pivotservicesPaul Jackson on Twitter

2. Ellen Chisa of Lola Travel@ellenchisa
Ellen Chisa product manager Twitter

3. Hunter Walk of Homebrew@hunterwalkHunter Walk product management Twitter

4. Sean Rose of Slack@sean_a_roseSean Rose product manager Twitter profile

5. Ken Norton of Google Ventures@kennethnKen Norton Twitter profile

6. Ian McAllister of Airbnb@ianmcallIan McAllister product management

7. Janna Bastow of ProdPad@simplybastowJanna Bastow Twitter

8. The Clever PM (Cliff Gilley) of K2 Blackpearl@thecleverpmCliff Gilley The Clever PM Twitter

9. Julie Zhuo of Facebook, @jouleeJulie Zhuo product manager Twitter profile

10. Nir Eyal of
Nir Eyal Hooked Twitter

11. Ryan Hoover of Product Hunt@rrhoover
Ryan Hoover Product Hunt Twitter profile