Roadmap Transparency Without the Headaches

Janna Bastow, CEO and Co-Founder at ProdPad knows a thing or two about product management, not only does she run a company that build tools that help product managers succeed, she also is the mastermind behind MindTheProduct and ProdTank. During her talk at UserConf San Francisco she shared a great deal of advice for product managers of all experience levels.

Topics covered include:

  • Defining your product vision
  • The best product roadmap format
  • What to include on your product roadmap
  • Product roadmaps vs release plans
  • Why you should exclude dates
  • Who should see your roadmap
  • Why your roadmap should be public

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About the Author

Janna Bastow
Janna Bastow is co-founder of ProdPad, a product management software company and co-founder, organizer, and writer at Mind The Product

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