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toolsLargely, people seem to like our Customer Service Scaling Timeline. But the #1 piece of feedback I get is: “some of these tools could be implemented sooner.”

Absolutely. Every tool we list in the timeline is useful, and most could be useful for any company at any stage.

But just because a tool is useful doesn’t mean you should use it (even if it’s UserVoice). Your company is a living, breathing thing and each tool has upsides and downsides for different companies.

For example:

So use our timeline as a guide, but first think about:

  1. Will this tool benefit our customers?
  2. Will this tool last us for at least a year?
  3. Does this tool fit our company culture?
  4. Does this tool make sense considering our runway?

How have you deviated from our timeline? We'd love to write about you! Shoot an email to evan[at]uservoice.com with your story.

Tool photo courtesy of ThinkingStiff.

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