We’ve Revamped Our Blog!

Howdy! I’m Heather, UserVoice’s new(ish) inbound and content marketing manager. I’m excited to welcome you to the newly-designed UserVoice Blog: the place for folks who give a $%&# about their products and their customers.


As you can, see we’ve made some BIG changes over here, and we’re excited to begin offering content that’s tailored specifically to our readers’ interests. Whether you’re a Product Manager, Customer Support ninja, or a UserVoice customer, our blog is your one-stop shop for relevant news and information. We care a great deal about serving up useful content, so if there’s something you’d like to see here don’t hesitate to contact me directly at heather AT uservoice.com, or via Twitter.


By now you may be thinking, “What gives man? Where are my beloved UserCentered forums?” Rest assured that they’re still around–just head on over to UserConf.co where you’ll be able to find the forums, as well as events, and jobs that used to live here.

Photo courtesy of Chuck Coker.

About the Author

Heather McCloskey
Heather J. McCloskey, Inbound & Content Marketing Manager at UserVoice, is a former broadcast news producer. When she's not writing pieces about product management and customer support here, she can be found putting pedal to the metal behind a sewing machine or painting watercolor comics.

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