Who’s that awesome gentleman responding to your tickets? Welcome to Andrew!

You may have noticed a new name responding to the support tickets you’re sending to us: Andrew Moyer. He’s friendly, he’s funny, and occasionally he’ll tell you how to open a beer bottle with a lighter. Who is this mystery man?

Andrew grew up all over Silicon Valley and a brief stint in Oregon.  He’s had to adapt to new people and new environments throughout his childhood as he frequently moved, and he suspects these skills have helped immensely with his customer service career.

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Andrew has always been in customer service roles, starting with his first job as a bagger at a grocery store.  In his senior year in high school he became one of the youngest personal trainers ever hired by 24 Hour Fitness, and jumped through the ranks to be one of the top trainers.

After 2.5 years with 24 hour fitness and 3.5 years working as a trainer with his own business, Andrew ended up moving to North Carolina. There he worked at multiple tech companies doing customer service, user experience, QA, account management, and more. Andrew also did a brief stint day trading (while it was a lot of fun, he found it to be a bit more stressful than he preferred).

UserVoice was a perfect fit for Andrew because we “cared about customers and had a culture that matched how I like to live; open, welcoming, friendly, and motivated to break barriers and do things because they’re right and not because it necessarily makes more money.”

Welcome, Andrew! Happy to have you!

-Evan Hamilton
Head of Community, UserVoice

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