UserVoice goes to summer camp!

Camp BizSmart is not your classic summer camp. There’s no swim test, fire buckets or bad food. What they have instead are 80 very sharp 12-15 year olds who will spend two weeks building a company from scratch. It’s a camp for budding entrepreneurs, how cool is that?

I had the privilege of spending an afternoon with these young entrepreneurs to discuss the value of knowing your customers and explaining how they could use UserVoice to do market research.

*Here’s where you come in. They need your feedback.*

Get it Now!

There are 4 sponsoring companies that have provided a problem for the campers and there are 2 teams attacking each problem. Each team has brainstormed some solutions to the sponsor provide problems and setup a forum to collect your ideas (and see if you like theirs). Now they need your input.

If your birthday year is odd please leave feedback for group A:

If your birthday year is even please leave feedback for group B:

On behalf of all of the campers, thanks for your help!

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