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Great feedback can come from anywhere. Strangers, customers, and, of course, your team. But when your team outgrows a single room, a single floor, a single building…well, then it becomes difficult to harness all those great ideas.

That’s why we’re proud to partner with social-network-for-businesses Yammer for our new service hooks integration. Push activity such as ideas, kudos, and discussions directly from UserVoice into your Yammer activity stream. Suddenly, the things that are happening in your company aren’t so distant, and everyone is involved in the conversation.

Here’s three powerful ways to use the Yammer integration:

Check it out in action here:

The Yammer service hook is available for all plans, even the free ones. Want to activate this for your account? It’s simple, and you can find the instructions in our knowledge base.

Want to build your own integration like this?

Check out UserVoice service hooks, an easy, powerful way for you to build connections between UserVoice data and your own app.

Enjoy this integration and, as always and forever, please let us know what you think!

-Evan Hamilton
Community Manager, UserVoice

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