Announcing UserConf NYC


The conference about keeping your customers (happy) is back. And it’s coming to New York City.

Why should you come to UserConf? Because we’re going to help you be even better at what you do. You and I know that retaining customers is much more effective than acquiring them…so don’t you deserve a conference to help you improve your craft?


We tried to find a conference that focused on the actual strategy and tactics of customer service, customer feedback, and community management. It didn’t exist, and your average “thought leader” in the field will only tell you things you already know. So we made our own.

That’s why UserConf is about real, actionable stories from people who really practice customer service every day. Our speakers aren’t “gurus” or professional keynoters – they’re folks who do this work every day, and their stories are real. The lessons you’ll get from them aren’t theoretical, they’re practical.


We’ll be announcing more speakers soon, but we already have some great people lined up:

Andrea Murphy from Meetup will talk about how Meetup collects, reviews, and prioritizes feedback from millions of vocal users.

Darnell Witt from Vimeo will be talking about how their team is actually part of their community, and why that’s such a strategic benefit.

Jon Lane from Harvest will talk about how they got their support response time down to five minutes. That’s fast!

Rich Armstrong from the team behind Trello and FogBugz will give his tips for crafting efficient, effective customer support emails.


The best lessons are sometimes in the lunch line. In addition to our great presenters, we’ll also give you plenty of opportunities to chat with the other amazing customer service, operations, product, and community folks attending the conference. Whether it’s trading tips at your lunch table or sharing war stories at the afterparty, you’re going to be surrounded by the best and brightest.

Not to mention, it’s in New York City. Right near the subway. In the same neighborhood as many brand-name startups. We’re going to order pizza from one of the best pizzerias in the city. And you can stay the weekend for personal adventuring…or join other UserConf attendees for various events.

Need a taste? Head on over to UserCentered to check out videos of some of the 2012 sessions.

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