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Touchpoint Toolkit

“The next generation” is not just hyperbole. With this new project we took dove deep into the world of customer engagement to massively improve (Would you be mad if we said revolutionize?) the way you collect and analyze customer feedback, support your customers, and make smart decisions that improve user retention.

What’s included:

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Why the major changes to our product? Our current products have moved the world of customer engagement forward significantly, but we wanted more. In reviewing huge amounts of feedback from you, we saw several opportunities to give you greater insights, to give your customers a simpler experience, to make things more efficient, and to help you succeed. Touchpoint Toolkit is the culmination of that effort.

Salivating yet? Get early access to Touchpoint Toolkit by signing up here.

A big thanks to all of you – your feedback is what truly led to this day, and we can’t wait to see what you do with these new tools!

-Evan Hamilton
Head of Community, UserVoice

Evan Hamilton

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