The Top 10 Ways to Celebrate Community Manager Appreciation Day

Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day! It’s pretty clear that we love anyone who cares about customers, and so we’re happily celebrating this wonderful holiday.

And while we’re much bigger fans of Conan than Letterman, we couldn’t resist providing our Top 10 Ways to Celebrate Community Manager Appreciation Day:


10. Swing by the NYC, Bay Area, or many other celebrations

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9. Catch up on this blog, or scope out some of our favorites

8. Buy your favorite community manager a beer (they’re known to like these)

7. Don’t have a community manager? Hire one!

6. Sign up to attend one of the Social Media Week events, like the SF Community Management Afternoon or our talk on why community managers won’t exist in 5 years (and why that’s a good thing)

5. Dance the Manta Ray (I have no idea if other community managers like this song, but I do, so it goes in the list)

4. Update your Twitter account with the following: “I <3 community managers! #CMAD”

3. Give your community manager a raise (not that I’m biased or anything)

2. Do what every community manager does: spend some time making your customers happy. Only good things can come of doing that.

1. Go get 75% off of any UserVoice plan – one day only, for any community manager. You’re welcome.


Happy holiday!

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