Team UserVoice Drives Fast

We took a break this week from driving our product quickly forward to drive some actual vehicles forward quickly. The team headed down to a Go-Kart track in San Mateo to see who could pull their head out of the world of crowdsourcing long enough to win the race.

group ian
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Unsurprisingly our leaders and founders, Rich and Scott, came out victorious. Guess you have to have drive to get a startup off the ground!


3rd place honors went to Ian, engineer extraordinaire.

We had a blast playing in the physical world, shook the San Francisco fog off, and now we’re back in the office making UserVoice even better for you.

Want to come hang out with us? While we can’t promise Go-Karting, we always love to meet our community members. Drop me a line at the email address below if you’re going to be/are located in town.

Evan Hamilton
Community Manager, UserVoice

evan at uservoice dot com

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