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Customer support via social media is crucial. This year 60 million Americans say they’ve used social media to get customer support*. But what if you’ve got separate teams managing social media and support? Do you tell a customer on Twitter to submit the issue in the proper channel? That’s not going to make them happy. Teach your whole support team how to use and monitor social media? That’s costly. Train your Social Media Manager to do support? That’s time-intensive.

Social media management tool Sprout Social thinks there’s a better way: enable support teams and social media managers to easily engage and communicate with each other to solve customer support issues. And that’s exactly what they’ve done with their new UserVoice Helpdesk integration.


Here’s how it works:socialmedia-uservoiceYour Social Media Manager spots a social media message in Sprout Social that needs your Support Team’s attention. They click literally three buttons to send it directly into UserVoice Helpdesk.

  1. Your Support Team responds to your Social Media Manager directly from UserVoice Helpdesk with instructions about how to resolve or investigate the issue.
  2. That response arrives in Sprout Social, and your Social Media Manager responds to the customer.

Your Support Team doesn’t have to learn how to use social media. Your Social Media Manager doesn’t have to learn how to do support. Your customer doesn’t have to send yet another message. Social media customer support, all set up and explained in about 10 minutes.

Sprout Social’s UserVoice integration is available on their Deluxe plan and works with all UserVoice Helpdesk & Full Service plans. Learn more on their website, and enjoy!

*http://about.americanexpress.com/news/docs/2012x/AMEX_Service_Infographic.pdf & http://www.census.gov/main/www/popclock.html

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