Nobody Puts Salesbros in a Corner. Presenting our New Salesforce Integration!

When your sales team is working on a sale, the last thing they want is surprises. Trying to get someone to sign a contract is pretty tough if they don’t know the customer has been emailing your support team about a massive issue. Maintaining a high-value relationship is difficult if they call in to say “hello” and don’t know about the 30 support tickets the customer has sent this week. It’s enough to drive a salesbro to drink (more than normal).

The solution? Get your support tickets where your sales team is: your CRM.

Today we’re extremely pleased to announce an integration between UserVoice and Salesforce, developed by the smart cookies at Pervasive.


This integration works simply and seamlessly behind the scenes.

  1. Any support tickets received within a UserVoice Helpdesk are pushed to Salesforce as cases under a contact’s profile.
  2. Any replies or notes on these tickets are added to the case as case comments
  3. Any ideas posted to a UserVoice Feedback Forum are pushed to the Activity History of a contact’s profile.
  4. Any cases opened in Salesforce are pushed to the UserVoice Helpdesk ticket queue


Simple as that, your sales team knows what’s happening in your helpdesk. They can make their deals with the full amount of knowledge possible, earning you more money. Which means more time to get ridiculous tattoos.


Interested? You can scope out more info and purchase this integration in the Pervasive Marketplace, and you can find some setup details in our knowledge base.

Enjoy, and if you’re at Dreamforce, please come say hi to us at the Pervasive booth (#1345)…we’ll be demoing the integration and giving away a chance to win ice cream for your team!

Is SugarCRM more your style? We’ve got an integration for that, too!

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