Ride the UserVoice Challenge Cab at SXSW for free (and win cool stuff)

cab rooftopSouth by Southwest is awesome, but all the drinks and walking get to you sometimes. We’re all about delighting people, so we figured the best way to do that at SXSW was to give your tired legs a break.

The UserVoice Challenge Cab will give any SXSW attendee a free ride within the Austin city limits, during which you can take our Delighting Your Customers quiz and win awesome prizes.

Get it Now!

We’ll be tweeting out when we’re on duty and you can request a ride by tweeting or DMing us back.

Looking forward to riding with you, and regardless of how you get around at SXSW, be safe!

-Evan Hamilton
Community Manager, UserVoice

Photo courtesy of Patrick Crowley.

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