Tips & Tricks: Reply to Tickets via Email

Here at UserVoice, we believe that the best way to do customer service is to talk to your customers. All the buttons and gadgets in the world aren’t going to help if you’re not able to make that connection with your customers, quickly and easy.

So in addition to UserVoice Helpdesk’s simple, powerful issue tracking UI, we always have and always will allow you to respond to customer issues via email.


Whether email is all you have access to at the moment of crisis, or if you just feel more at home in your email inbox, we’ve got you covered.

Simply respond to any ticket notification via your inbox and UserVoice will automatically send your response to the customer and add your response to the thread in Helpdesk. Simple as that.


Tools don’t do good customer support, people do. And we strive to have our tools help instead of hinder you. We hope this tip will do just that!

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