New in UserVoice: Reactions on Roadmap & Status Updates

Last month we launched new tools to help you easily share your Roadmap and Status Updates with internal teams like sales, support, and success (check out the video demo).

This month we’re excited to roll out ways to measure the reaction to your Roadmap and Status Updates from both your customers and internal teams.

Status Update Reactions

End-users love getting Status Updates informing them that the things they’ve asked for are being worked on, are in beta, or have been launched. We’ve know this from talking to them and from the numerous tweets expressing excitement and surprise when a company closes the loop on their feedback.

But we’ve never had a way to measure that excitement in UserVoice itself… until now.

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Now, whenever a Status Update, either internal or public, is sent we’re making it easy for recipients to provide their reactions to the update:

This is cool for a couple reasons.

There’s often a significant lag between the launch of a feature and it’s adoption. This is especially true in B2B software where we often see that it takes 3 months before you can effectively measure adoption.

But with Reactions we now have a good leading indicator for that future adoption as we can measure the excitement about the new functionality (and who specifically is excited in case product or customer success wants to follow up).

On the flip side we can also see when, and again for who, what we’ve launched may be missing the mark (and why). Perhaps you messaged 200 supporters but 12 of them actually needed a very different solution. Now you’ll know right away.

Reactions are currently live for Internal Statuses and will be coming to Public Statuses by years end.

Roadmap Reactions

One of the key things we’re trying to accomplish with our new Roadmap functionality is to help you drive organizational buy-in by highlighting the customer demand (in the form of users, accounts & revenue) for your upcoming functionality.

But customer demand is only part of the story. Everyone in your organization, from sales to support to success to engineers themselves, has a unique perspective on your product and how it should be improved. And great product teams encourage those perspectives, both positive and negative, to be shared with them to pull forward risk and achieve alignment.

But, as most PMs know, it can be time consuming (and sometimes emotionally taxing) to solicit, manage & aggregate that stream of feedback. That’s where Roadmap Reactions come in:

With Roadmap Reactions, your internal teams can give their feedback on specific roadmap items at any time. And you can review that feedback, privately, on your own time schedule instead of being ambushed in the hallways or in your monthly customer-team meetings.

Roadmap reactions are currently live in all UserVoice accounts.

About the Author

Richard White is founder and CEO of UserVoice, one of the leading platforms that software & technology companies, from startups to the Fortune 500, use for managing customer feedback and making strategic product decisions. UserVoice is venture backed and the 2013 winner of the prestigious CRM Idol award. Prior to UserVoice, Richard was a product manager and lead designer expressing his passion for building intuitive productivity tools with delightful user experiences.

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