New Features Allow You to Manage Feedback at Scale

At UserVoice, not only do we listen to our customers’ feedback, we also continuously think of better ways to manage it. This, in turn, helps our customers better manage their own feedback. Our newest set of features comes from both customer requests and our own experiences using UserVoice. We’re enthusiastic to introduce a new set of features to help you better manage feedback, and new metrics to provide more context to help you make better product decisions.

Bulk Actions

In the main feedback section, you’re now able to edit multiple suggestions at once (up to 5000!). Simply select which ideas you want to edit and you’ll see a new menu appear in blue that will allow you to:

  • Mark/unmark as spam
  • Delete/restore
  • Move between forums and categories
UserVoice Bulk Actions
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UserVoice Bulk Move


With this new set of features, we’ve made it easier than ever to organize suggestions and clear spam in one quick sweep. These features are engineered to save you time, especially when you have hundreds, if not thousands, of customer requests pouring in.

Two important notes:

  • Any of these changes can be easily, and instantly, reverted. Simply hit the undo button next to the confirmation message that appears at the top of your screen.
  • Deleting is never permanent so you can always restore suggestions.

We’ll be rolling out these new features to customers later this month. Check out our Knowledge Base to learn more. We love hearing from you so please let us know what you think!

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Bonnie Pecevich
Bonnie Pecevich is Director of Product Marketing at UserVoice. She strives to bring value to product managers' in their day-to-day so they can build better products. She also has a passion for horror movies and coral reef diving.

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