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What do you think of when you think of a rock star? Two things come to mind for me:

Making crazy awesome over-the-top music…

…and being a huge pain in the butt.

(It’s ok, I’m allowed to diss rock stars, I sing in a rock’n’roll band.)

The thing is, we keep hearing about “rockstar community managers” and “rockstar support people”. That’s not what we need. We don’t need people to play crazy solos on the support guitar and then demand only brown M&Ms. Here’s what makes a good support person:

  1. A prompt response
  2. A friendly attitude
  3. A willingness to listen, understand, and think critically before responding

That’s it. And the more we focus on encouraging and enabling our teams to do these things, the happier our customers will be. Here’s how we do that:

So as fun as they are, let’s all stop looking for our very own Jack White and start enabling our team to make customers happy. That’s what matters.

Photo courtesy of Montecruz Foto.

Evan Hamilton

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  • WADE13x

    I have always bought Rockstar games. but after all of this, and they way i was treated. I don’t think i will ever buy another game. I bought the $100 shark card for in game cash in gta online and i bought the ceo office and warehouse. everything was great i had 6million out of the 8million left over. they next day i get on and the 6 million was gone. I was upset but figured it wouldn’t be a big deal i heard other players talking about how it had happed to them.

    So i thought I’d just report it to rockstar and get it all sorted out. no answers on the support page so i figured a quick call would handle it. I get someone named Gabriel C. hes nice at first. I tell him whats happened and he looks through my account and comes back and accuses me that i spent it all. I said impossible, he tells me that he added it all up. I say: what did you get? Gabriel: i can’t tell you

    I couldn’t believe this. Than he says since i already spent some theirs nothing he could do. but i had 6 million left over. he starts talking over me saying “do you have any other support questions for me?” I said “how much did you get when you added it all up?” he hung up on me and must have also blocked my number from calling again because i can’t.

    This isn’t right.

    What can i do?

    *sorry for the grammar and spelling, this just happed and i’m not happy..