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We love the web. It’s not just a technological invention: it connects, entertains, empowers, and inspires.

#SOPA (the Stop Online Piracy Act) is poised to potentially kill the internet. While it’s supposed to protect intellectual property online, it gives the government the ability to make US-based service providers (like web hosters, search engines, and payment gateways) stop providing services and links to any pages or sites that may contain pirated material. We’re not just talking about pirate sites. We’re talking about any site with user-generated content: from big ones like YouTube, Facebook, and WordPress to smaller sites like Tumblr, Reddit, and, yes, UserVoice. Dead in the water.

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There are a lot of companies fighting SOPA (you may have heard of Google, Twitter, Mozilla, Facebook…). But Godaddy is not, and we think that’s plain wrong. So does NameCheap CEO, Richard Kirkendall:

”While we at Namecheap firmly believe in intellectual rights, SOPA is like detonating a nuclear bomb on the internet when only a surgical strike is necessary.”

We want to fight this thing. We’re joining our friends at Zopim as part of #moveyourdomainday and moving all of our Godaddy domains (we’re moving to Dyn). We encourage you to join us. We’re also offering new customers 40% off the first 6 months of ANY UserVoice Full Service plan and donating 10% of all such proceeds to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, as is Zopim. Sign up for UserVoice and use the code no2sopa to get the discount. This deal will be active until January 12th.

Already have a UserVoice account? Tell your friends that they can get a service you recommend for cheap, all while saving the internet!

Some other handy ways to protest, courtesy of Zopim:

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