If you follow us anywhere on the internet you probably know by now that we're hosting UserConf, the first customer service-centric conference dedicated to helping you keep your customers happy. You also probably know that it will be hosted at the Fort Mason center in San Francisco on October 12th. So I could go on and on about how many amazing speakers we have and go over all the awesome stuff you'll learn, but today I'm here to show you how beautiful our venue is. Let's get started:

What at first appears to be any old industrial pier…

Fort Mason Center

…is actually a beautifully urban conference center inside where some people give ostrich presentations!

Ostriches are awesome

You'll get amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge…

UserConf shows you the Golden Gate Bridge

…and of downtown from the beautiful lawn.

Fort Mason park in the sun

In closing, this place is so sweet that you can arrive via floating vessel…

Bring your boat to UserConf

…or bring your own robo-fighting machine. (Note: robo-fighting machines not sanctioned by UserVoice.)


So now you know that the venue in and of itself is a dream getaway (that also hosts robot fighting tournaments)! To see a list of all our speakers, topics, and buy tickets head on over to UserConf.co – We can't wait to see you at Fort Mason!

Fort Mason Center photo courtesy of stevendamron.
Ostrich photo by Noah Sussman
Bridge photo by McCanon
Park photo by afagen
Boat photo by flippinyank
Robot photo by Dave Shumaker