If You’re Not Going to Take Customer Feedback into Account, Don’t Do Beta Testing

I’ll keep this one short.

At this point, most C-suite folks know that “beta testing” is one of those things you have to do. They make sure it’s on their checklist.

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However, this “beta test” is often slotted for the weeks right before you’re ready to ship. Which means that this customer feedback comes right as you are done coding, and don’t have any further time to code. (More on this dicey period of time here.) This feedback, unless it contains any critical bugs, gets delayed or – often – completely discarded.

If you’re going to ask customers for feedback, you need to seriously consider that feedback. To seriously consider that feedback, you need to plan in time to potentially act on it.

If you’re doing a beta right before your code complete date, you’re doing it wrong.

Beta testing needs to be followed by a period reserved for acting on the feedback from that beta. Period.

Hand photo courtesy of Maryam A.

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