Crittercism + UserVoice for iOS = crash reports & customer support, all in your mobile app

UserVoice_Crittercismcr-lg-dkblueToday we’re pleased to announce our partnership with Crittercism. Crittercism is a fantastic crash and activity-reporting tool for mobile apps. Instead of wondering what crashes your 1-star reviewers on the App Store are talking about, you can track these issues as they happen. Handy, huh?

We’ve worked with their team to make Crittercism and UserVoice for iOS work in harmony. The result? A powerful combo for knocking out the top two issues that affect user retention in a in-app purchase world: crashes and user support issues.


What does this one-two punch look like? Right in your Inspector sidebar in UserVoice you’ll find all the valuable information that Crittercism provides about an user of your app: device info, crash data, OS version, app version, etc. Instead of asking them what happened, you’ll know!

The Crittercism/UserVoice integration is available on all our plans, even the free ones. Just head on over to the UserVoice for iOS page and follow the installation steps there – then add the Crittcercism gadget to your UserVoice account. If you have any feedback or issues, don’t hesitate to let us know!


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