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5 Simple Reasons to Attend BASiS 2017

If you haven’t been persuaded to get tickets for BASiS 2017 yet – or you need to convince your boss it’s worth the investment – here are 5 of our top reasons to get tickets:

Because BASiS is the only purely …

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interactive product roadmapping meeting

How to Hold an Interactive Product Roadmapping Meeting

Roadmapping doesn’t have to be a solitary affair for product managers. Get stakeholders involved in the action by using some of these interactive activities:

Get Sticky With It

One of the best visual product roadmap tools is something simple you probably already have …

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getting buy-in on product roadmap

How I Get Buy-In on My Product Roadmap

You think the hard work of developing a product roadmap is done when you’ve done extensive research and analysis, completed interviews, and determined what your company should be building. Alas, this is not the case. The hardest part is often …

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aligning product roadmap with company goals

Aligning Your Product Roadmap with Company Goals

Your product roadmap tells a story. It shows where your product is today, where it’s headed, and how it’s going to get there. It illustrates when certain features will go live, when new platforms will be supported, and where your …

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out of control product backlog lion

How to Tame Your Product Backlog



You got in the Agile game to be nimble, react to changing market conditions and opportunities, and work collaboratively with your development team to rapidly bring solutions to market without being bogged down in processes and endless meeting. So how …

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How product roadmaps are created

How Product Roadmaps are Built: Survey of Product Managers

Today’s guest post comes from Jim Semick, co-founder of ProductPlan.

At ProductPlan, we’ve talked with hundreds of product managers about how to prioritize and present product roadmaps. In September 2015, we conducted a survey to shed light on roadmap trends and …

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product roadmap prioritization

How to Prioritize your Product Roadmap

The following is an excerpt adapted from Get Your Priorities Straight! The Product Manager’s Guide to Smart Product Roadmap Prioritization, our free eBook geared towards product managers facing some tough decisions as they map out the next leg of their …

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