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5 Ways to Kill Your Credibility as a Product Manager

It’s in pretty much every product manager job description: you must “establish credibility,” whether it’s with internal stakeholders, customers and technical teams, or more vague targets such as “the market” or “the industry.” Companies don’t include this by accident, since …

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dealing with difficult internal stakeholders

How to Deal With Difficult Stakeholders

This story is a version of my talk “Managing Difficult Stakeholders,” given at ProductCamp Portland in 2016.


When you’re managing a valuable product, working with difficult stakeholders becomes crucial and can make or break your product. As a product manager, I …

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UX books for PMs

15 Product Management Books for Learning User Experience

You are probably familiar with Martin Eriksson’s oft-shared Venn diagram, which shows Product Management at the intersection of Business, Technology, and User Experience (UX).

Figure A: Martin Eriksson’s View of a PM:

Figure B: Your Current Reality as a PM:

The original (Figure A) …

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how to work effectively with engineers

How to Work Effectively With Engineers

One of the most common questions new product managers wind up asking themselves is how they can work most effectively with their development teams. In many companies, the development teams are isolated from the “business” and seen as some sort …

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finding ideal beta testers

How to Find Ideal Beta Testers

If product development were a long road trip, then beta testing would be like ensuring that you arrive at your destination looking and smelling fresh. Ignoring or short-shrifting beta testing can lead to the same reaction you might receive when …

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11 non-technical product management skills

11 Essential Non-Technical Product Management Skills

Product Managers are often told (or at least tell themselves) that they are the “CEOs of Product.” While they may not have the overarching authority of the C-Suite, a successful Product Manager is not wrong to make such a humblebrag.

Like …

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how product managers can work effectively with ux designers

How to Work Effectively with UX Designers

Batman v Superman. UX v Product.

via Jordan Lackey, flickr

The roles of Product Managers and UX (User Experience) Designers can appear so similar that tensions can build easily in the organization. Fortunately, like a fight between our two favorite superheroes, …

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