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usability testing best practices

Customer Feedback Best Practices: Usability Testing

You have created a functional prototype. You’re proud of it and believe that it is perfectly designed to solve your particular market problem. It’s elegant, beautiful, tight. You’ve convinced yourself that no one, not even the drunkest of users, would …

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Collecting customer feedback in app

How to Collect Customer Feedback In-App

It’s embedded in many apps and products. Look around this screen. Is it there on the right? Down there in the lower left corner? Maybe it’ll appear after you scroll down a bit or give the screen a little shake? …

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How to Communicate Product Changes To Your Users

Change is tough. Presidents ride into office on calls for “Change” and are quickly hit with backlash to anything they try to implement.

Sound familiar?

When it comes time to launch a new product feature, change, or redesign, we have just finished …

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Best Practices for Customer Feedback Surveys

How to Collect Customer Feedback Using Surveys

You can gather great customer feedback from a survey and leverage that information to improve your product by using a few simple tricks of the trade.

The use of surveys to collect customer feedback has exploded in the past few years. …

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using social media to collect customer feedback

How to Collect Customer Feedback Using Social Media

In the olden days (a.k.a. before Twitter), Product Managers would lament, “If only there were a way I could easily gather customer feedback.” How times have changed. Today, Product Managers are faced with the opposite problem: there is an abundance …

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omni-channel customer feedback is crucial

Why You Need Omni-Channel Customer Feedback

Picture this: A few strangers seated around a table in a locked room with a one-way mirror, awkwardly munching on cookies from the supermarket. You stand at the head of the table, carefully interviewing each of them about their experience with …

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customer feedback survey tips

5 Tips for Successful Customer Feedback Surveys

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that customer feedback surveys help improve product development and better meet your users’ needs.

But I probably also don’t have to remind you how hard you try to avoid taking any surveys…

I don’t …

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classes of user research

The Different Classes of User Research: When to Use What

User research is at the core of the user-centered design process. Without it, you’re flying completely blind in your product development, or as Bruce Tognazzini once put it: you’re “throwing buckets of money down the drain.” But knowing which research …

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