Bigcommerce’s Custom-Designed UserVoice Site Shows the Power of our Customization Features

UserVoice’s customization features mean you can make our platform look however you want. We’ve seen a lot of great designs, but I wanted to briefly highlight Bigcommerce’s truly excellent custom designed UserVoice portal. Let’s unpack what they’ve done, shall we?

Custom HTML Header Nav:

Using our Custom HTML feature, Bigcommerce makes you feel like you haven’t even left their site. After all, there’s the navigation, right there! Bonus: they use a curved image at the bottom of the Header to make it look like the Ideas section appears to have a nice curve along the top.

BigCommerce UserVoice Header


Domain Aliasing
Bigcommerce furthers the feeling of home by using domain aliasing to make the site appear to be hosted on, rather than

UserVoice Domain Aliasing

Custom CSS
While we’re pretty fond of our default colors, buttons, and fonts, they’re very UserVoice-y. Bigcommerce has implemented custom CSS to make even the small details match their site.

Here’s an idea normally:

Here’s an idea on Bigcommerce’s forum:
BigCommerce UserVoice Forum

Subtle, but very nice!

Custom Idea Statuses
We’ve tried to equip you with some good, generic statuses for responding to customer ideas. But sometimes “Under Review” or “Started” aren’t quite the right terms. Bigcommerce have customized a few of these statuses to give their forum a unique flavor:


Custom HTML Footer
Didn’t find what you wanted here? Bigcommerce’s custom footer lets you effortlessly slip back into other areas of their site.


Learn more about customizing your UserVoice site in our knowledge base. Want a custom design created for you? Contact our Accounts Team at

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